Kuper-Legh Property Group (Pty) Ltd

Kuper-Legh Property Group (Pty) Ltd was founded by David Kuper and John Legh. Both well-known and experienced individuals in the property industry. In 2009 KLPG welcomed a new equal shareholder in Thys Van Heerden. Thys complements KLPG with his vast experience and knowledge in the property industry.

Property Management

Kuper-Legh Property Management (Pty) Ltd manages on behalf of clients and its principal’s properties with their offices situated in Dunkeld, Johannesburg. The full spectrum of property management services are provided. The portfolio under management is a mix between commercial, industrial, and retail. The current shareholders of Kuper-Legh Property Management (Pty) Ltd are John Legh, Thys Van Heerden and Vanessa Govender

Property Investment

The principals of the business own and control property mainly in the commercials, industrial and hospitality sectors. They have an excellent relationship with financiers and transacts with principals/brokers on a friendly basis. Invariably property is funded via debt and equity regardless of the economic woes of the land. Debt funding has always been readily available due to the good standing of the individuals and the company in the investment space.  

Property Development

Kuper-Legh Property Group (Pty) Ltd is able to draw on a wealth of experience as regards the development of Industrial, Commercial, Retail and Leisure property sectors.